DMM Spectre 2 Wiregate Carabiner (Purple) Price: £6.50 (as of 23/06/2024 10:26 PST- Details)

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DMM Spectre 2 Wiregate Carabiner; Basically this is DMM Phantom’s larger brother, that’s because the Phantom came before the Spectre 2 and is the full size version of the Phantom. The new Spectre 2 is different from the old Spectre, there have been changes to the design that make it a safer biner. A deeper ‘rope basket’ to keep the rope in the correct position should there be a fall, a tweaked design so it works better with modern skinny Dyneema. This means that the quickdraw tape sits in a neat and correctly aligned position. The Spectre 2 comes in at 3g below the old Spectre which doesn’t sound too much but when you add it up they all count! As with it’s smaller brother the Phantom, the Spectre 2 comes in a selection of colours to enable you to match them with your cams. The quickdraws come with one silver and one BLT (Bright Light Titanium) biner, the BLT is held in a captive rubber at the rope end of the quickdraw sling so you always know which end to clip into the rope. Not only that but have DMM managed to answer that eternal question? What came 1st, the chicken or the egg? Well if the evolution of the Spectre 2 is anything to go by it wasobviously the egg! DMM Spectre 2 Wiregate Carabiner Features and Specifications: Classic all round wire gate biner. Lightweight I-Beam construction. Safer, deeper rope basket. Easy to handle back shape. Generous 8.5mm rope radius. Modified nose profile to protect the gate. Available as an 11mm dyneema quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths. Also available as a Spectre 2/Shadow 11mm dyneema quickdraw in 12cm or18cm lengths. Weight: 32g. Strength (Gate Closed): 24kN. Strength (Gate Open): 9kN. Strength Minor Axis: 8kN. Gate Opening: 25mm.


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