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Vans The Vans Encore snowboard boot is perfect out of the box and for snowboarders who appreciate getting more bang for their buck. Riders who look for the instant gratification of quick function and reliable comfort as they focus on honing their skills without equipment hassle, will love the Encore. No one knows the importance of heel hold and instep comfort better than women, and with the Vans Encore comes a fit that is constructed around the anatomy of female feet. Where days reserved for shredding are precious, this lightweight and responsive boot delivers comprehensive all-terrain performance that kicks in without delay. The Encore has been a member of the Vans snowboard boot line longer than most and dishes out an iconic look that embodies the Vans design DNA like none other. Vans BOA COILER – Featured on the mens and womens Encore, this tongue-mounted single reel system utilizes a spring-loaded lace spool to automatically retract lace cable slack for quick and efficient closure. Different lace guide radiuses are used to optimize closure force in specific areas of the boot. Vans TRIFIT-X LINER For the rider who likes a little flex in their liner but can do without break-in delay. The Trifit-X liner needs nothing added to Vans instantly perfect fit that rides on half a century of footwear development and construction experience. Vans V2 FOOTBED Vans snowboard boots are grounded by Vans’ premium footbeds, developed in-house with precise attention to detail. With uncompromising effectiveness in mechanical support and dampening, the V2 footbed is the foundation for ultimate and seamless riding comfort. Vans REVERSE WAFFLE OUTSOLE A Vans outsole means Vans grip, and the Reverse Waffle outsole has plenty. Bringing half a century of footwear experience to bear, this durable shred foundation does it all.

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