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Vango Odyssey 500 Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent Review

Vango Odyssey 500 Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent

A perfect tent is one of the equipment’s that most campers give priority. The best tent to be considered in the market should be strong, durable, waterproof, spacious, comfortable and above all easy to pitch. The Vango brand is a leading tent maker with a high credibility level across the globe. This is one of the right brands to consider when shopping for a recreational tent, and in this review we’re checking out the Vango Odyssey 500 Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent. Note you may also be interested in reading about the Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent.

Features of The Vango Airbeam 500

The Vango Airbeam 500 is an inflatable tent that has its Flysheet and inner pitch together making it simple for pitching and packing. The tent has a unique pitch tunnel design with adequate space. It is equipped with Vango Airzone Ventilation that keeps the tent fresh and airy. It also has a breathable polyester inner tent that allows air flow during the hot season. The Odyssey 500 comes with a pre-attached sun canopy that can allow users to relax outside the tent under adequate shade. This covered space can also store the extra kit that may not be necessary inside the tent.

The tent is ideal for 5 people if they sleep lengthways. It weighs 12.7kg meaning it is quite portable on feet. The internal dimensions of the tent are 300 by 210 cm. It covers an external space of 320 by 285cms. The pack size of the tent is 64 by 28 by 27 cm. This tent definitely consumes the least space for luggage when traveling outdoor. It also has a unique easy-pack carry bag that is strong and durable.

Vango Odyssey 500 Air Beam Inflatable Tunnel Tent

The Vango Odyssey 500 is made using Protex 3,000HH polyester that is durable. It is also waterproof making it ideal for all year round. The groundsheet is made using polyethylene 10,000HH that is comfortable and strong enough for pitching on almost all terrains. The factory taped seams on both the flysheet and groundsheet have been known to provide the best water tight seal. It also has an Airspeed Valve system for inflating airbeams with less effort.

The tent is quite easy to pitch because it comes with pre-attached guylines with guy holders. Its guylines are designed for high visibility. The tent maker also made all poles to be color-coded for the simple reason of easy pitching. The poles are made of a strong yet light product, the Vango PowerFlex fiberglass. It also provides safety against collapsing due to the reflective webbing on the tent. It also has a full mesh side door that is convenient in case you need 2 doors. It has a detachable inner divider that can provide adequate privacy even with a strong source of light in the tent.

The Vango Odyssey 500 is built with the Tension Band System that is great for internal bracing. The Tension Band System in the tent also ensures that the tent will perform in adverse weather, especially strong winds. In calm weather, the system can also get disconnected. TBS feature is an added advantage to the user because it allows for more space inside the tent making movements easy. The tent also has a 360-degree reflection point at night making it quite visible.
The tent provides adequate lighting during the day due to its large diamond clear PVC windows that are toggled with privacy curtains. However, the dark fabric is good in reducing the early morning light. The Linked-in groundsheet on the tent is detachable and is easy to clean in the mornings.

The Odyssey 500 is safe in terms of fire safety. It is made of fire retardant fabrics that are way above ordinary fire standards. The mesh on the door is a safety feature that will help in keeping bugs away.
The tent also includes a cable entry point with tidies. The entry point is zip-able and the fastener tidies are also of great use. The gear also comes with a great interior complete with inner pockets and lantern hanging points on the bedroom and sitting area. The inner pockets are useful for easily organizing your camping items.


The Vango Odyssey 500 is a classic tent for a fair price. It is an equipment that is definitely an asset to your collection. It is also easily available on Amazon and other stores making it a popular product. It has the best price and quality in relation to other same sized tents in the market. It is ideal for group camping, family outings and also sporting activities. You may also be interested in the Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent.




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